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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Illness or disability can be a major impairment for some people who some would like to vote, and nearly half of all voters over 65 who did not vote listed one of those two responses as the reason. It can also be difficult for caretakers, often relative who care for their family in their own homes, who may find it difficult to steal away even for a short time to go vote. If you know someone in such a situation, offer to help them by taking them to the polling place, or by providing alternative care while they're away.

Frank Tanabe is an incredible man who has voted his entire life, and only a few weeks ago cast his vote from what is likely to be his death bed. His deep patriotism stems partly from his experiences during World War II. There are people out there who want to vote, but may find it very difficult, so if you can help them, please do.

Read more about Frank Tanabe in this LA Times article.

Why don't some people vote?

What are some of the reasons people don't vote? For people between the ages of 18 to 44 an amazing 33% of eligible voters cited being out of town, being too busy, or having a conflict as the reason for not voting. Young people lead busy lives, which is why early voting is such a great thing. If you don't think you can make it out to the polls on Tuesday, see if you can vote today! You probably do not have to go far to get to your polling place, and since it only take a few minutes, you can do it on a trip to a store or a friends place. Today is the last day for early voting in many places! Be sure you go today if you can't go Tuesday.

Check this great online resource from Google to see if and where you can vote today!

Voting statistics are from the Census Bureau.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Did you know that you can vote early in many places? It's super convenient. Check Google's helpful site to see if and where you can vote today.
Part of the reason there is low turnout is due to barriers during registration and voting, but by far the largest contributing factor appears to be lack of motivate - people often feel that their voices are drowned out by the millions of others.

Why do you feel strongly about voting?

In Iraq, citizens literally risk their lives to exercise the right to vote. To prevent fraud, voters' fingers are marked with ink, which these three women display proudly.

Turnout in the last Iraqi elections was greater than 62%.
Are you not sure where to vote? You can check online to find out! You can even vote early in many places and avoid waiting in line on election day.

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